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Before Setting a Massage and Special Treatment Premises Licensing

Before starting a 'Massage shop' or other 'Special Treatments', you must ensure that you have contacted your council for a premises licence.

Special treatments could include:

  • massage

  • manicure

  • chiropody

  • light treatments (sunbeds)

  • electric treatments (electrolysis)

  • other treatments involving heat, light or vapour, eg sauna or other bath treatments.

In most parts of the country you’ll need a separate licence for any skin piercing treatments, e.g. tattooing or acupuncture.

However, in Greater London (except for the City of London) special treatments registration also covers these treatments.

Contact the council in the area your premises is based to find out whether you need a licence and how much it will cost - your premises might be inspected before you’re given a licence.

And, if you employ therapists carrying out special treatments, they should also register with the council if required.

If you don’t have a licence, or break any conditions of your licence, you could be fined if you.

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